DC/DC Book Of Knowledge:
Practical Tips For the User


The DC/DC Book Of Knowledge: Practical Tips For the User is RECOM’s comprehensive e-book on DC/DC converters, including introductions to various converter topologies, feedback loops (analogue and digital), test and measurement, and more.

The technical information presented is suitable for engineers, designers and students.

  • Chapter 1: Power Regulation
    • Chapter 2: Feedback Loops
      • Chapter 3: Understanding Datasheet Parameters
      • Chapter 4: DC/DC Converter Protection
      • Chapter 5: Input and Output Filtering
      • Chapter 6: Safety
      • Chapter 7: Reliability
      • Chapter 8: LED Characteristics
      • Chapter 9: DC/DC Application Ideas
      • Chapter 10: Magnetics
      • Chapter 11: Advanced Assembly and Packaging

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